August 8, 2012

Why you should consider using hosted desktops in your company

The very first reason you should consider hosted desktops in your company is that you do not need to own or maintain in-house servers. They are costly to buy and maintain.

You end having to try and be an IT expert to make sure you’re not paying for something you don’t need.

The same can be said for PCs and Laptops, 5 minutes after you buy a new one it’s out of date.

So how are hosted desktops different? Think of a hosted desktop service more like a utility such as gas or electricity, you only pay for what you need.

No servers required and you can choose whatever device you like to access your desktop and applications.

Have you heard of BYOD? It stands for Bring Your Own Device. It’s becoming very popular where companies using hosted desktops invite their employees to bring their own device to work and access their hosted desktop.

WHAT?? I hear you say, what about my sensitive top secret corporate information all over my employees’ laptops? Never fear! No data can get onto a device, as it never leaves the data centre.

The data centre is ultra secure and your bank is most likely to have its servers in the same place to give you an idea of how secure it is.

What if I told you that included in the price of your hosted desktop was your Microsoft Windows licence and Microsoft office license? Pretty sweet huh? However there is more…. When the latest version of Office comes out you will get that too all included.

Adobe update required…your PC needs to reboot at a very inconvenient time, we have all seen this and how it can stifle productivity. However with a hosted desktop, all of these little patches and updates are dealt with behind the scenes leaving you and your employees happy beavering away.

So can you take any more? Good, here it is: the next reason to consider using hosted desktops is the ability to work from anywhere! If you can get a wireless connection or a solid 3G connection you can work as if you were in the office.

Think about how much more work you could get done and what that means for sales teams and recruiting new talent or expanding your territory – the possibilities and endless. Food for thought that eh?

David Shaw

David Shaw

Digital Marketing Professional

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