August 13, 2012

Why should small businesses consider using cloud computing?

Why should small businesses consider using Cloud computing?

Any small business should consider Cloud computing for three key reasons.

1) Cost 

IT equipment and support contracts are not cheap. However IT is such an essential part of business.

Traditionally the better software systems were expensive to buy and required their own server in house and all the joys that come with maintaining your own software and servers.

However, now with Cloud computing you can get access to software on a pay per user per month basis, without owning any licensees or any servers.

Before your software choices were limited by budget whereas now you can access enterprise level software without the price tag.

You simply choose any device that connects to the internet and away you go.

2) Productivity

Working on the move or from home can be achieved in lots of ways with different price tags. Some Cloud based file sharing products are even free. However I personally would question putting business data onto these services.

Either way, having access to data and applications and even your whole desktop and servers from anywhere or any device at any time really changes the business landscape and how, where and when we do business.

3) Do what you do best

What cloud computing does best is enable you to get on with what you do best whatever that may be.

You don’t have to understand IT, worry about the latest version of something and if it’s compatible or expensive support contracts with IT sales people trying to sell you the latest and greatest.

Just choose the device you like working from and decide where you work best and away you go!

There are of course lots of other great reasons to consider Cloud computing but as a small business these are 3 key ones.

Your turn… Share with me some great use cases you have found that Cloud computing has made a difference to you or your business.

David Shaw

David Shaw

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