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August 8, 2012

What is BYOD?

And what can my company do about it?

Bring your own desk? Bring your own drink? No I’m talking about ‘bring your own device’.

Every IT professional has realised their new enemy, and the source? The consumerisation of IT.

When smartphones and tablets began to grow in popularity, especially those of the Apple variety, employees started to bring them to work and connect them to the company’s network. This simple change ended up causing all sorts of issues for IT and the company’s security.

Employees were now taking their work home with them on unsecured devices that could be compromised very easily and the risk of loosing the device sent shivers down IT executives’ backs just at the mere through of it happening.

In recent years there has also been an explosion of services attempting to scale down the damage that the consumerisation of IT can cause. Thanks to this you’ll find yourself often asking; which BYOD plan is best?

Do you lock down the employees’ devices? Put in place a policy that evidentially gets ignored? Ban devices altogether? Either way; you are facing a struggle that is costing you more than it should.

So what’s the right way to go?

Isolate the corporate system environment 

Instead of trying to isolate the device from harm’s way, why don’t you isolate the company’s system that the device works on?

Look at it this way: just because an employee brings in a device of their own does not make it any different from the devices the company gave them if your system is in a secure isolated environment.

As the data is never on the employee’s device, the device just becomes an end point just as their corporate given device is just an end point.

But what about applications?

Can you really expect every employee to bring their devices to IT so they can install the companies approved applications? Can you really expect them to not use their own apps that they prefer over the company’s approved ones?

If you haven’t figured it out; the answer is no, unless you want your IT department to have headaches all day long. Plus with this extra work load put on their backs, how can they be expected to keep up with more important issues?

But how do I go about protecting my system? 

The anser is isolation and virtual desktops are the solution. They are kept in an isolated environment, no data is transferred between the desktop and device, all applications are centrally installed and the virtual desktops can be used on any PC, Mac, laptop, smartphone or tablet. The virtual desktop can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime from any device.

Because no data is being transferred between the virtual desktop and device, your company can have peace of mind when employees travel with their device. Even if the employee had their device stolen, you would have no need to worry because all the data is in a secure server and not the device.

Happy days

Using virtual desktops as a BYOD cure keeps both parties happy. The employee is content because they get to use which-ever device they wish while the employer can sleep at night assured that his corporate data is highly secure.

Even the IT department can feel the release of BYOD tension as they now only have to manage the virtual desktops as opposed to each device the employee wants to use.

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