June 21, 2013

Sent to Earth to serve

This is our flag. “What’s a flag?” you may ask. A flag states what you stand for. This is what we stand for:

Who do we serve? 

We are ordinary people serving ordinary people who are frustrated with IT as they know it for lots of reasons.

How do we serve them?

We talk to them in a non techy way, remove their IT frustrations and limitations and dispel myths.

What outcome do we help them accomplish? 

We take away the worry of IT and make it budgetable probably for the first time ever. We also enable them to work from anywhere on any device at anytime, just as if they were at their office desk. We free them up while locking their IT down so it knows its place.

How do we do that? 

In a word: flexiDesk®. Our flagship product that includes all your IT needs on a per month per user basis and enables you to work from anywhere as if you were at your normal office desk.

Why does this matter to us?

Having been victims of IT and IT companies in former lives and having lived the disempowerment, we wanted to change the rules, and be the company, product and service that we had dreamed of but never found.

Jo Radcliffe

Jo Radcliffe

Co-Founder of 404 team Ltd who is passionate about bringing colour, clarity and budget-ability to businesses' experience of IT.

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