August 28, 2019

Is it time to move completely to the cloud?

Cloud computing has promised a lot for such a long time but is now the time to finally move your business into the cloud? The truth is you are probably already moving than half-way there.

Think about many of the applications and programmes you use daily? How many of these are already cloud-based otherwise known as SaaS (software as a service). Your CRM software, accounting software, project management tools are likely to be cloud-based.

Many businesses have already moved their email over to Microsoft Office 365 which again means your email servers are no longer on site but again cloud-based.

What is stopping your business being 100% cloud-based?

Often the reasons that stop a business moving completely to the cloud is education. We have had servers in our offices and businesses for so long and we have always been trained to understand the importance of the server.

Years gone by when the server went down businesses came to a halt. This is what caused the dependence and investment to ensure the server was always running and available.

Many businesses have more than one server and keeping these running can prove very expensive.

Does your business still need a server?

Probably not is the honest answer, not a local one anyway. You can achieve everything you have today without an expensive server. Technology has moved on it is the fear of the cloud that holds many business owners back. The truth is quite different.

Fear of moving to the cloud

The only reason most business owners are concerned about moving everything to the cloud is they are not 100% sure they understand where their business data is. At least with a local server, they can physically see a box and that is what gives them comfort.

Although the truth is a lot of their business data is already likely to be in the cloud.

What data is left on the server?

In many cases there are two or three functions the server still provides today:

1)     Active Directory – The ability to logon

2)     File Server – Where you save your files to

Both are important, but also can both be provided for in the cloud.

Why you should consider moving your server to the cloud

There are few key reasons why you should consider moving your server to the cloud including:

1)     Safer

2)     Lower overall cost – operating cost instead of capital costs

3)     Offers more flexibility for remote working

Let have a closer look at each of these reasons.


This is going to require a leap of faith in some cases but realistically using the right cloud computing provider will mean your data is safer than if it is stored on a local server.

A physical server requires you keep it in a locked room to ensure that it is not accessed by anyone that should not have access. A cloud-based server will be in a secure data centre with the most advanced security possible. It will also sit behind world-class firewalls and infrastructure.

Lower Overall Cost

Not in every case but for many there will be cost savings by moving your server to the cloud. It is a different kind of spend. With a local server and PC setup, you must keep them up to date and replace them every 3-5 years as well as provide the security, air conditioning costs, back-up costs as well as a whole host of other things that all add up.

Moving to the cloud is a monthly cost and it covers everything. You only pay for what you need, and you can scale up and down as you need with huge capital costs.

Offers more flexibility for remote working

You can connect to your PC at the office with a local server setup, but it requires even more technology to do so and is often very hit and miss in terms of performance.

A cloud-based server system from 404 team enables you to work from anywhere at any time and pretty much on any device and all included in the monthly costs.


So, is it time for you to consider moving to the cloud and ensuring your business is staying up to date and not falling behind? There are many benefits to making the move and it can all start with a simple call to see if your business will benefit? Get started today and give us a call on +44 (0) 1304239632.

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