August 28, 2019

Is Cloud Computing Expensive?

The first thing you need to consider when asking the question “is cloud computing expensive?” is the fact that cloud computing is billed differently to a traditional computing setup.

Traditional computing has always been very much a capital cost. This is where you buy your servers and computers and in general, you owned these assets and you made them last for as long as possible to maximise your investment.

Cloud computing is a different model much more pay as you go. This is known as an operating cost as instead of a capital cost. This is because you pay monthly for your IT services instead of the big up-front capital costs.

What are the advantages of this?

The advantages of this are quite simple, you get to deliver a modern and flexible IT system without having to pay out thousands of pounds upfront. The technology is being updated all the time and your business gets to take advantage of this without further capital investment.

Being a monthly cost also allows you to add additional users and remove them as well and all with a direct effect on cost.

Need more space or speed? No problem, cloud computing is elastic which means your increase resources in minutes.

Cloud computing also allows you to have predictable costs. You know each month what the costs are going to be. In a traditional computing model, the costs are always unpredictable. As a business owner, you have no doubt experienced your IT systems going down and to be told that you will need to replace something expensive. This happens more often the older the IT infrastructure often causing lots of downtime and money.

Is cloud computing less expensive than a traditional computing model?

In many cases, there are cost-saving to be had for sure. Particularly when you consider all the advantages that a cloud computing model offers your business. Technology is moving at a faster rate now than at any point in history. With all this change is it really the right time to be investing thousands of pounds into fixed assets that could prove to be either out of date or left behind as your competitors are taking advantage of the latest technology.


Moving to the cloud is not as complex, scary, time-consuming or as expensive as you think. The cloud experts at 404 Team have years of experience migrating both small and very large companies to the cloud with great success. These companies are enjoying the freedom and flexibility that cloud computing offers. They have predictable costs that they have budgeted for and are safe in the knowledge that they are using the latest technology available to provide the best computing experience to their customers and in turn a better service to their customers.

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