October 14, 2019

Is a hosted desktop right for my business?

It is always a scary feeling like the first one to take a leap of faith, right? Nobody wants to be the first and certainly not the last to get it wrong. Hosted desktops are not new, they have been around for many years and is now mature and tried and tested technology. The question regarding if hosted desktops are right for your business is actually to do with the way you operate or want to operate.

Traditional computing

When you think of computing in business today in generally brings workstations, laptops and servers to mind. The server was the central unit to the business as it ran the applications and stored all the critical company data. When the server was down everyone knew it about it, work and productivity grounded to a stop. This is why so much money was invested in ensuring the servers would be up and running all year round. There is nothing wrong with this model if your applications and data still live on that server and “work” gets done from the offices where the server resides.

There are of course a few exceptions to this but in general, this is how it works and does a great job.

A different question

I want to ask you a different question. Is that how you work today? Or when you dig a little deeper you in now work from all over the place and on your mobile, tablet and laptop? Is your data actually in SharePoint and/or OneDrive or another cloud-based storage system? Are the apps that you use to run your business now cloud-based?

In which case what does the server do anymore? Anything It does do can that be moved to the cloud? Would your business be more agile and competitive if your workforce could truly work from anywhere?

Only forward-thinking businesses need to apply

With this in mind, if your business still works in the same way it did 10 years ago and has no interest or need to change, then hosted desktops are probably not going to add much value other than capital cost savings. However, if your business is already using some cloud services and now wants to break free from the cycle of replacing your server every 3-5 years then hosted desktops and 404 may just be the right the business.

We want to talk to those businesses who are not prepared to get left behind and see the power that moving to the cloud will have for their business going forward. What we do not want are those business owners who are not prepared to embrace change and take their business to the next level. So please only forward-thinking business owners who want to get their cloud journey started need apply.

David Shaw

David Shaw

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