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November 27, 2019

How does the FlexiDesk work?

Changing the way your business delivers IT is not a simple decision and requires planning. There is also a small learning curve to understand how using cloud technology to deliver your desktops works.

Our Virtual Desktop solution is called FlexiDesk and it enables our clients to work in an agile and modern way.

So how does the FlexiDesk work?

It is quite simple, your normal Windows desktop uses the resources on your computer or laptop such as the processor, RAM and Hard Drive. With a FlexiDesk desktop it is lifted from your local device and transferred to the cloud. It then runs using resources from a cloud-based server to run from instead of your PC or laptop. 

So how do you access your desktop?

You can connect to your FlexiDesk desktop from pretty much any device but let’s use your existing computer for this example. Once connected you are then viewing the desktop running in the cloud and you can control it using your keyboard and mouse.

There are no delays, it runs lighting fast, defiantly faster than your old windows desktop.

Does it use a lot of internet to connect?

Hardly any, the reason is you are only viewing the desktop running in the cloud and it’s only the mouse movements and keyboard entries that are being transferred. You can run lots of virtual desktops quite comfortably over your current broadband connection.

You can even access your desktop using a 4G connection if you need to. It works just fine although we might not recommend always running over a 4G connection. But it those situations where it would be very useful to be able to connect you your desktop where Wi-Fi is not an option then it will work just fine.

Once you get your head around the fact that your desktop is now in the cloud and you can now choose to access it from whatever device you need to and from wherever you need to it can become game changing for your business.

No longer do you need to replace servers or upgrade expensive desktops every few years because the power that is needed is now delivered from us in the cloud. So, you can keep using those old desktops because the lack of power is not a concern at all. The device just needs an internet connection and it will work.

What about Windows and Software updates?

All handled by us and without any disruption to you. No more turning on your computer and waiting for Windows updates to finish.

What if my internet connection drops?

No problem, your desktop will be there waiting for you as soon as you reconnect exactly as you left it.


So, there you have it, a quick guide to how the FlexiDesk works. It is not that complicated at all and once you understand how it works you’ll be able to see the possibilities.

To get a good feel for how it works, we invite you to request a demo and see for yourself just how simple and easy it is to use.

David Shaw

David Shaw

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