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August 8, 2012

Anytime, Anywhere, Any device

No matter how old you get your parents will still always have that annoying knack of knowing the motivation behind everything you do.

When you were smaller it was “you only want that toy because you’ve just seen the advert”. Then as you got a little older that became “you do know doing wheel spins and handbrake turns doesn’t impress girls, don’t you!”

Then the other day my Dad said something to me that let me know that they still haven’t lost their magical powers of discernment. I was desperately trying to amaze my mother by showing her what my smartphone could do with little success. After admitting defeat I slumped down onto the sofa next to Dad who, after a brief period of silence, casually looked over the top of his paper and said “Just remember you’ve only bought that thing, you didn’t invent it”.

Although he was right you can’t deny the fact that modern technology has come on so far and that it is worth showing off what it can really do. Thanks to smartphones and tablets business has been able to move away from the office and out into the real world where you can engage clients and suppliers face to face.

Three pieces of tech can now keep you in the loop wherever you are. You can use a desktop PC when you’re in the office, a laptop or tablet when on location and a smartphone that fills in the gaps when travelling. Thanks to these three devices you can keep up to date with emails and create documents whilst on the hoof.

However there are a number of drawbacks that prevent users from having a completely streamlined experience.

Firstly all of the devices save documents locally which means you end up with data and documents scattered everywhere, some duplicated some not. Also, the chances are that all three devices are made by different suppliers which means they won’t play well together especially when you want to sync data.

But there is one way to make all of your devices work in harmony, the 404 flexiDesk. This is a cloud based desktop that is accessible from anywhere, at anytime on any device. So instead of having your data spread out over a number of different gadgets you simply work on one central desktop on what ever device you have in front of you at that moment.

With the flexiDesk® you can get a complete desktop experience with Microsoft Office applications delivered and other business software such as accounting or CRM.

Another plus of this cloud technology is that you can use the desktop on any device that can access the internet, regardless of make or model. Companies are increasingly embracing a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy with their workforce as people seem to prefer using a piece of equipment that they are familiar with and work best on.

Having used the flexiDesk for some time now I still love seeing people’s reaction when they notice I’m using a full Windows desktop on an iPad. Someone even asked me whether or not I’d illegally hacked into the device!

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