March 10, 2014

3 reasons hosted desktops are not for you

Yep, that’s right!  We are writing a blog post on examples of when hosted desktops are not for you (yet).

At 404 our clients are the right kind of clients, where the technology is making a huge difference to the way they live and work.

There are times when a virtual desktop might not be quite right for you today and that’s ok.

The first case is when you have just invested into new PCs and servers.
You see the flexiDesk® doesn’t need onsite servers and doesn’t need new PCs – in fact old ones still running the about-to-be-end-of-life-XP are just fine too. So if you have just invested in a new server, PCs and operating system to replace XP, it makes absolute sense to sweat those assets.

The second  reason is if your organisation has over 250 members of staff then an outsourced hosted desktop like flexiDesk® may not be the most cost effective route and you may wish to consider your own in-house owned model.This way you get the benefits of anywhere working that a virtual desktop offers but you own and store the kit.   We can help with the set-up and on-going management of this too.

And finally – this is the weakest, but very real all the same – is the fear of cloud technology.  We have run seminars and workshops on the cloud, and would be very happy to do this for your organisation.You may realise that it’s not as complicated or scary as you thought, and in fact that you are already using the cloud without knowing it.Did you know over 40% of Small business in the UK are already using some form of cloud computing. Basically the cloud is a datacentre which is for sure safer than where the majority of companies store their servers and data currently.

Alternatively, if you want to know more about the cloud and how it can benefit your organization, we can help you here too.

Jo Radcliffe

Jo Radcliffe

Co-Founder of 404 team Ltd who is passionate about bringing colour, clarity and budget-ability to businesses' experience of IT.

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