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February 12, 2014

Your office PC on your iPad

One of the most common reasons for loving the 404 flexiDesk® is the fact that you can save everything and access anywhere, using pretty much any device, even a tablet or iPad.

We are not just talking a Microsoft Windows desktop on a tablet – we  mean everything!  Your company shared drive and business applications like Sage or Act!

So what?

Well, here are a few reasons to consider:

  • Truly mobile working – It may only be every now and then, but most people, regardless of their role, move around within an office building or outside of their office building.  How would the ability to save anywhere and access everything save you all time and travel
  •  Everyone connected – all the time.  How could it improve your efficiency if your distant workers could all be seeing and working from the same hymn sheet, exactly as if you were all under one roof?
  • Security – every year there are horror stories about high profile people leaving laptops containing sensitive and confidential data in taxis and trains. With flexiDesk® there is no data on the device at any time –effectively it’s just a delivery tool.  So no data is ever lost if the tablet or laptop gets lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Cost- laptops are not cheap to buy and maintain. Tablets are cheaper and require less maintenance.   An android tablet can be picked up for around £100 and as the flexiDesk® runs in the data centre, the tablet can be low powered and the desktop will still be lightning fast.

So how much money could you save or even keep in your bank account if you’re considering new PCs or even new servers? How much happier or more efficient could you staff be if they could work from anywhere? How much space could you save if not everyone needs a desk in the office?

Why not have a chat with one of the team and get a bespoke cost comparison completed free of charge with no obligation?

ask@404team.com – 01304 239632

Jo Radcliffe

Jo Radcliffe

Co-Founder of 404 team Ltd who is passionate about bringing colour, clarity and budget-ability to businesses' experience of IT.

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