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August 8, 2012

What is a hosted desktop?

A hosted desktop is first and foremost a Microsoft Windows desktop most of the time.

It’s no different to your current Windows desktop today.

Right now I imagine your windows desktop lives on either a PC or a laptop, right? It has your personal background picture and the shortcuts to your applications and favourite documents are sitting right where you want them.

Well, a hosted desktop is that same Windows desktop but it is not tied to the PC or laptop it currently sits on.

It gets lifted off that device and put into the cloud. Oooo the cloud I hear you say. If you have not had the pleasure of checking out our previous blogs on what is the cloud, find out what you missed!

So your desktop is in the “cloud”, what now? Well you can now access your desktop on that exact same PC, laptop or even ANY device and from ANYWHERE and at ANY TIME.

All you need is an internet connection. It even works on a 3G connection.

So now you can access the same applications and the same files and it all looks and acts the same as before but we have now untied it from one device and set it free.

Now you have even more reason to get an iPad.

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