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All Nortel Certification Exams

Nortel Exam Name
920-020 MCS 5100 Ris.4.0 Installation & Commissioning
920-021 MCS 5100 Ris.4.0 Administration
920-093 Communication Server 1000 Rls.5.0 System Admin and Mgmt
920-105 NNCSS-Symposium Call Center Server Install. and Main
920-107 NNCSS-Periphonics MPS 100 Installation and Maintenance
920-108 NNCSS-Periphonics MPS 100 Technical Support
920-110 NNCSS SL-100 Maintenance Certification Exam
920-111 NCSS-VoIP Communication Server(CS)2100
920-112 NNCSS Media Processing Server(MPS)500-Technical Support
920-113 NCSS Media Processing Server(MPS)500-Install. and Maint
920-114 NNCSS-Symposium Web Center Portal
920-115 Communication Server 2100 SE08/SE09 Support Specialist
920-118 NNCSS-Symposium Call Center TAPVAgent install and Maint
920-119 NNCSS-Symposium Call Center TAPI/Agent
920-120 NNCSS MPS 100 Application Developer Exam
920-121 NNCSS MPS Application Developer
920-122 NNCSS MPS Application Developer-Speech
920-123 NCSS-BayStack/BPS Switching Exam
920-124 NNCDS -Ethernet Switching Exam
920-125 NNCDS Succession BCM 3.0 Exam
920-127 NNCSS Succession BCM 3.0 Exam
920-128 MPS 500 Ris. 3.0 Operations and Maintenance
920-129 Nortel Self-Service Solution Engineering
920-130 NNCSS-Symposium Express Call Center 4.2
920-131 NCSS-Symposium Express Call Center Installation and Maint 4.2
920-132 Media Processing Server Ris. 3.0 Application Developer
920-133 NNCSS Baystack Switching
920-134 NCSS_VoIP Multimedia Communication Server(MCS)5100 Exam
920-136 NCDS - Ethernet Switching Solutions
920-138 NNCSS Succession 1000/1000M Ris.3.0 Exam
920-139 NCDS Multimedia Communication Server(MCS)5100 3.0
920-140 VoIP Multimedia Communication Server(MCS)5100 3.0
920-141 NNCDS-Communication Server(cs)1000 release 4.0
920-146 Nncss-symposium call center server 5.0
920-158 Ncds-callpilot4.0 system administrator exam
920-159 Ncss callpilot 2.x/3.0
920-160 Nncss-communication server(cs)1000 Rls.4.0 Hardware I and M
920-161 Ncds-callpilot 4.0 exam
920-162 Callpilot 4.0 installation and maintenance exam
920-163 NCSS-Contact Center Manager RIs.6.0 Technical Support
920-164 NCSS-Contact Center Manager RIs6.0 I and M
920-165 NCDS-Contact Center Ris.6.0 Exam
920-166 NCSS-Contact Center Multimedia Ris.6.0
920-167 NCSS-Contact Center RIS.6.0 Application Developer
920-170 Symposium call center server 5.0 applicaiont Developer
920-171 Nortel communication control toolkit(ncct)rls.5.0
920-172 NCSS-Nortel Communication Control Toolkit Ris.6.0
920-173 Nortel Contact Center Rls. 7.0 Technical Support
920-174 Nortel Contact Center Manager Rls. 7.0 Install and Config
920-175 Nortel Communication Control Toolkit 7.0 Implementation
920-176 Contact Center Multimedia Rls. 7.0 Implementation
920-177 Nortel Contact Center Rls. 7.0 Administration & Scripting
920-178 Nortel Contact Center Rls. 7.0 Sales Engineering
920-180 Ncts real time Networking
920-181 CallPilot RIS.5.0 Engineering
920-182 Callpilot RIS.5.0 Instakkattion and Configuration
920-183 Callpilot RIS.5.0 System Administrator
920-191 BCM50 Rls.1.0 Installation and Initial Configuration
920-192 Ncds-Business communications manager 50(bcm50)rls.1.0
920-193 Ncss-Business communications manager 50(bcm50)rls.1.0
920-195 BCM50 Ris. 2.0 Installation and Initial Configuration
920-196 BCM 50/200/400 Sales Engineeing
920-197 BCM50 Rls.2.0 and BCM200/400 Rls.4.0 Config and Maintenance
920-199 BCM50 Ris. 2.0 and BCM200/400 Ris. 4.0 ICM
920-203 Passport 7000/15000
920-209 NCDS-Multiservice Switch 7400/15000/20000
920-215 Nncss-passport 7000/15000 exam
920-216 Multiservice Switch 7000/15000/20000 Operations and Maintanence
920-220 Nortel Converged Campus ERS Solution
920-221 Nortel Convered Campus ERS Installation and Configuration
920-226 Nortel Converged Campus ERS Installation & Configuration
920-231 Contivity VNP Switch
920-232 Nncss-contivity vpn switch release 5.0
920-233 NCSS - Nortel VPN Router (Contivity)Rls.6.0
920-234 Nortel VPN Router Ris. 7.0 Configuration and Management(NCSS)
920-235 Nortel VPN Gateway Rls.7.0 Configuration and Management
920-236 Nortel VPN Router Rls 8.0 Solutions
920-237 Nortel VPN Router Rls. 8.0 Configuration & Management
920-238 Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls. 4.1 Implementation and Management
920-239 Nortel WLAN 2300 Ris.4.1 Solutions
920-240 Nortel Wireless Mesh Network Rls. 2.3 Implementation and Management
920-241 Nncds-alteon
920-242 Nncds-contivity vpn switch
920-245 Ethernet Switching
920-246 Nortel WLAN 2300 Ris.5.0 Implementation and Management
920-247 Nortel Wireless LAN 2300 Ris.5.0 Solutions
920-249 Nortel Application Switch Ris.23XConfig and Admin
920-250 Nncss-passport 8600
920-251 Nncss-alteon
920-252 Ethernet routing switch 8600
920-253 NCDS-Nortel VPN Router (Contivity)Rls.6.0
920-254 Ncss-optivity nms rls.10.3
920-255 Nortel Secure Router Ris.2.0 Configuration and Management
920-256 Nortel VPN Router Ris.7.0 Solutions(NCDS)
920-257 Nortel Secure Router Rls. 3.0 Configuration Management
920-258 Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls.6.0 Planning and Engineering
920-259 Nortel WLAN 2300 Rls.6.0 Implementation and Management
920-260 Nortel Secure Router Rls.10.1 Configuration and Management
920-261 Nortel Application Switch Rls.24.x Configuration and Admin