404 – Keeping IT simple and budgetable

All MDs and business owners care about is that it works and stays within budget.

404 team Ltd are shaking up the industry by avoiding techy talk.

We have no time for such elitism.

No jargon, no acronyms - just a simple budgetable service that will change the way you work forever.

What is a flexiDesk®?

It’s quite simply your Microsoft Windows "experience" alongside all your business applications (addApp®) and data, exactly as it is today but available on any device from anywhere anytime.

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Do you run AutoCAD or Revit or similar graphic intensive applications? Find out here how you can save money and change how you work with these applications forever.

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Workspace Strategy

404 defines this as the "Science of saving money through rationalisation and good use of space". Are you using your space in a way that hinders productivity rather than supports it?

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Resources for you

How technology impacts the recruitment sector

Download our free new research paper on how technology has impacted the recruitment sector.

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What is "Activity Based Working"?

Have you heard of how Activity Based Working is being used to increase productivity, save money and so much more?

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Where is the workplace?

Not all workers need desks, and research has proven that less than 40% of current employees need a desk to complete their work tasks.

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